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Whiteboards for Learning

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Whiteboards for Learning

Here at Scribble we provide essential products that are going to be of use in both an Educational environment or at Home when you are consolidating those essential skills such as Numeracy and Literacy in the early years of schooling. Our versatile Mini Double sided Magnetic Whiteboard has a side designed for the use of developing the correct script when writing or to use when you need to practice your numeracy skills. It also has a plain magnetic side that can be used for scribbling down ideas and giving quick answers within a group activity in class which will increase engagement, they are A4 in size and feel good whilst children of all ages are holding them for a quick show. An all in one solution as the Mini Whiteboard comes with a magnetised pen and rubber to get you ready and raring to go right from the start.

Instead of printing out a new batch of worksheets for each class every day, use the Dry Erase Pockets. They're ideal for work stations, so kids can just wipe away their work and the next group can start over. You save on paper which eliminates needless waste and needless money spent on Photocopying and more time spent on the essentials of classroom management. The Dry Erase Pockets are perfect for reusing your inserts time and time again, they even can be used to protect vital documents when transporting your files. If you want a product that will deliver over and over again then the Dry Erase Pockets are a perfect addition to use with your Children.

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